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2Dutch Music Group was founded in 2007 by Marcel Scheffers (Marcel Woods) and Wouter Janssen (Showtek) as a record label for dance and electronic music. With a small team, 2Dutch rapidly managed to collaborate with big brands like Warner Music, Universal Music, ID&T, Insomniac, What A Music and many more. 2- Dutch’s objectives are clear – to achieve commercial success for our artists. And although we recognize that ‘it’s all about the numbers’, we never forget that success is the consequence of talent, hard-work, and the right support. With authenticity, creativity and attention as key. We are ambitious, using our energy, experience and insight to focus on talent that we truly believe in. Because 2-Dutch = dedicated 2 talent. 2-Dutch prides itself on being a real music agency, where creativity and music production is just as important as sound business guidance. To put it simply – we help talented artists become successful. How? Our employees have in-depth experience with bookings, artist and music management, events and the promotion of dance artists. This means that we can offer artists support from A-Z. A total package of services. Allowing them to focus on where it all begins - MUSIC