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Maak kennis met ASML

We are looking for design engineers - Physics for the R&D Department at ASML! Do you have excellent modelling and simulation skills? Do you know how to use your Physics and mathematical knowledge to help improve the performance of ASML systems? Do you like working together in multi-disciplinary teams to improve our products and to enable our clients to create the world’s most advanced chips? Then this position is the perfect fit for you! Physics is at the heart of everything we do at ASML. We have multiple opportunities for medior design engineer with a Physics background. Every day, you make use of technology that contains microchips. From smartphones and laptops to cars and airplanes. Technologies such as AI, robotic process automation and 5G will fuel the growth of the semiconductor industry even more. Since ASML is worldwide leader in high-end lithography systems for the semi-conductor industry, there’s a huge demand for our machines.