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Maak kennis met Aedes

Aedes began in 1995 as a real-estate firm focused on the investment in - and development of - properties in and around Amsterdam. From the very beginning, we have been developing more than just buildings. Our goal in all our projects is to strengthen local communities, improve environmental surroundings and cherish the soul of a building by respecting its history. After extensive partnerships in the exploitation of hotels, we are now ready to employ this breadth of experience to develop our own distinct hotel brand.

We tackle serious issues, without ever taking ourselves too seriously. It’s our genuine interest in each project that propels us forward and motivates us to develop new ways of thinking. How can we reconcile the often-conflicting demands of people and planet? How can we create something that is both respectful of the history, yet modern and progressive? Working with integrity and wholeheartedly leaning into each challenge, has allowed us to handle projects of great complexity, untangling aspects of heritage, inner-city neighbourhoods, and sustainability.

From Burgerziekenhuis, a former hospital turned into ‘The Manor’ hotel, to the Bungehuis, a striking 1930s trading office that now hosts Soho House Amsterdam, our expansive portfolio creates a tangible link between past and present. And gives each building new meaning and substance.